Kober Strategic Leader Consulting, LLC



About Us

Helping others secure an unassailable competitive advantage via a Culture of Excellence - Leadership. Culture. Strategy. Erik Kober, a fully-certified Strategic Leaders Academy consultant and Michael Hyatt Full Focus Certified Pro, I help small and mid-size business owners tackle their biggest problems and grow their businesses sustainably.

He does this by working with you to get the 3 BIG things right: Leadership, Culture, and Strategy. Like the legs of a stool, you need all three in place and aligned so your restaurant can have a stable platform for growth.

As a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, with over 23 years of military experience, Erik understands the importance of service. After a distinguished military career serving as an Attack Helicopter Pilot, commanding troops from the Platoon to Battalion level, and as a strategic planner, Erik is proud to continue to serve those who serve.